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Ought and Should (and the damage they do)

My former marriage counselor used to tell my ex and me that all sorts of problems arise when we think “I should” or “He should” or “We should.” “Should” is a often crazy, damaging concept. It suggests that the present circumstances are either right or wrong, that the present way we feel is either right or wrong, that there is some sort of universal stamp of approval or disapproval for every single thought, word and deed. And while I have come to intellectually understand that very few things in life warrant a universal stamp of approval or disapproval, old thought patterns and old fears bring the concept of “should” to the forefront of my mind time and time again. In “The Journey’s Echo,” se

Get to Know Viognier

My 17-year-old just pulled out of the driveway with a car he bought today. His first car. Remember your first car? The power you felt when you were behind the wheel of the literal manifestation of freedom? The things that happened in that car and the places you went that you would never want your mom to know about? Thank God I have wine and comfort music. As the Indigo Girls harmonize perfectly on “Closer to Fine,” I pour myself a glass of Illahe Viogner. The aroma of honeysuckle and orange and citrus fills my senses. I sip. Delicious. (I don’t use delicious with wine often, but this is an appropriate description for this Viogner.) It’s slightly sweet with lime and tangerine and green apple

What is a Vino de Pago?

May’s #winestudio — a wine education program in the form of a fun, fast-paced Twitter chat with participants tasting in their own homes— features Arínzano Winery, the first estate to be a Vino de Pago in Northern Spain. What is a Vino de Pago? It’s a classification of Spanish wine, but unlike other Spanish classifications that encompass entire regions, like Rioja and Priorat, a Vino de Pago is comprised of a single estate or vineyard. The classification was introduced in 2003, and it is reserved for single estate wines that are of exceptional quality. I’m having a difficult time coming up with exactly how many estates have earned the DO Pago — various websites differ on the number — but it s

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