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Are Trader Joe's 4/$4 canned wines 187ml of frizzante fun?

Earlier this year, the news broke that Trader Joe's was releasing Simpler Wines canned wine, and wine lovers quickly drank them up. It was hard to get a hold of the cans that have either sparkling white or rosé in them, especially with the oh-so-appealing price tag of $3.99 a four pack. It's particularly difficult for me to get any Trader Joe's wine because of New Jersey's whacky liquor laws. Grocery chains are permitted to have only two liquor licenses for the entire state, meaning only two Trader Joe's in NJ carry alcohol of any kind. The closest to me is in Princeton, about a 45-minute drive, and I haven't had a chance to get there this summer. It took me driving down to Virginia - where

Exploring the unexpected wines of Paso Robles

To start with, we need to get the region's name right. It's PASS-o-ROW-bulls, not Robe-less or Robe-lay. So said Joe Roberts of 1Wine Dude who led our merry band of wine professionals through the #unexpectedpaso Twitter chat at the end of July. Paso Robles - which means Pass of the Oaks - is an AVA in California that sits about halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. It's known for its red wines. Cabernet Sauvignon, merlot, syrah and zinfandel make up 72% of the region's 26,000 acres of vineyards (source: California Winery Advisor). Paso Robles' climate - with its warm days and cool nights plus great soil - is conducive to many varieties, not just reds. So, with absolutely no disrespe

July '17 wine writing roundup

Catch up with my published pieces from last month. Lubanzi, a wine label with a social conscience, (Mother Nature Network) A new label that returns 50 percent of its profits back to the workers in the South African vineyards. Bunghole what? Learning from a barrel tasting, (Courier Post column) Deciphering some of the terms you'll hear at a barrel tasting It's back to (wine) school time, (Courier Post column) Philadelphia has one of the country's leading wine schools. Why does it benefit non-wine professionals to attend? The wines from this region have critics raving, (From the Grapevine) Interview with Victor Schoenfeld of Yarden Wines in the Golan Heights about why grapes thrive in

Wine words: Veraison

It's the time of year when grapes are starting to turn from green to various shades of purple (or red, blue, black...)

Wine reads: The New Wine Lover's Companion

The other night I crawled into bed with "The New Wine Lover's Companion" by Ron Herbst and Sharon Tyler Herbst. Sexy, right? Some nights are like that - more learning and less drinking. The first thing this wine lover did was look for a New Jersey entry to make sure my state is represented in a book that's an "essential reference and a fun guide to great wines." If there was no mention of NJ, I would have wondered what other essential information was left out. The Garden State was represented, as was the Outer Coastal Plain, one of three New Jersey AVA's and also one of the largest in the country covering over 2.25 million acres in South Jersey. The book passed my initial test, so I continue

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