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Wine of last week: Domäne Wachau 2016 Federspiel Terrassen Gruner Veltliner

Instead of doing a "wine of the week," I'm starting a "wine of last week" feature where I talk about a wine I discovered (or maybe a wine I discovered something new about) each Monday morning. The idea of this is not just to introduce you to new wines. It's also an opportunity for me to do some additional research on the wine and the region it comes from. By telling you what I learn, maybe more of it will stay inside my head! I'm starting with Domäne Wachau Federspiel Terrassen Gruner Veltliner. I had the wine last Saturday night at Buddakan in Atlantic City. I was there as my friend Lisa's guest, who was there as a guest of a PR company that sent her there to check out some of the Stephen S

Toast back to school with Arrogant Frog and Côte Mas

My house is very quiet today. This morning my 10th grader reluctantly said goodbye to sleeping in late and spending his days working at the bike shop and skateboarding around town with buddies until curfew. My oldest son started college last week. Way, way back (yet not so long ago), when my college freshman was a toddler, a mom in my Mothers of Preschoolers group who had five children, the youngest who were twins, spoke to us about the first day of school. She said that when her oldest three children went to kindergarten she cried at the bus stop. When the twins went to kindergarten, she served mimosas! She counted it as success that she had raised five children who she could send off with

August '17 wine writing

Catch up with my pieces published elsewhere last month. Welcome to Autumn Lake Winery - and traminette (Courier Post) One of NJ's newest wineries is producing award winning traminette - get to know the winery and the grape Are you at risk for the 'prosecco smile?' (Mother Nature Network) The acid and high sugar content in prosecco could cause teeth to rot, but thankfully you don't have to give it up - just choose wisely. East Coast wineries work together to grow (Courier Post) A report from the State of the East Coast Wine Industry Tasting and Discussion Nice wine...or is your brain tricking you? (Mother Nature Network) To no one's surprise, a study shows we like our wine better when

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