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East Coast Wine News, June 29

A round up of the news from June 23-29, 2020 on the East Coast Wine industry because the news is out there, and it needs to be highlighted.

Why I upped my Instagram game

I don't write about every wine I receive. I have a sample policy that I lay out clearly on the Work with Me page of Wine & Wonder. I

What to drink this weekend: Bee's Nectar

It's been over a year since I wrote my last piece for Mother Nature Network, the website that started my path to writing about wine. For a while, I wrote a weekly feature for the website on Friday's titled "What to drink this weekend." Imagine having cart blanche to write about any drink you wanted. I had that on MNN, and often I'd work with what I had in my liquor cabinet, my fridge and my back yard to create cocktails. I'm bringing the feature back and putting it here on Wine and Wonder. Sometimes my suggestion will be a wine or a wine cocktail, but frequently it won't be. I'll also be bringing some of those cocktails I created for MNN back to life here. Today, that's what I'm doing. If yo

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