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Work With Me

Freelance writing services


Want something written?  You can contact me below with your needs. If you’re looking for something beyond my usual wine, beverage, food, travel, and sustainability topics, just ask. I have experience writing about a wide variety of lifestyle, spiritual, and educational topics. Take a look at my selected published works, here.


Just a few topics I’ve written about:


  • Spirituality

  • Exercise

  • Education

  • Parenting

  • Books/reviews

  • Website content

  • Marketing content

  • Ghost blogs


If it’s not on this list, but you want to know if I can write it, contact me below.


Media sample policy


Please do not send samples or products that I have not requested. 

I do accept samples of wine, beer, spirits and other products. I make no promise that I will find a place in my editorial to write about them, although I make an honest effort to do so. I usually don't do individual wine, beer or spirit reviews, although at times if I'm not working on a story where a product fits, but I would like to tell people about it, I'll do an Instagram post on it. I prefer to tell a story about the producer, the region, the sustainability of the product... So pitching a story along with the product will catch my eye. 


This is my policy:


I accept samples of wine, beer and spirits for editorial consideration on Wine & Wonder or other publications that I write for, as appropriate. I will consider writing about the product - in a single post or in a roundup post -  if it’s something I enjoyed drinking. I will not write about products that are not to my taste. I don’t think it’s right to say something negative about a product because I don’t enjoy it. I am particularly interested in the sustainability initiatives each producer employs so if there is information about those initiatives, please send it along with the shipment or via email, along with tech sheets and any digital images.


For products that are not beverage-related, please email me and if I’m interested, we can discuss where they may fit in my editorial.


Personal appearances


Speaking engagements, panel participation, tv/radio/podcast guest appearance requests - please contact me below with as much detail as you currently have available.  


Sponsored trips


Yes, I go on media trips sponsored by tourism boards, brands, PR companies and more. I work with the contact person before I accept the trip to see if it can fit into my editorial. (For anyone hoping I can write about their product for my Mother Nature Network blog, I must have approval from my MNN editor before I can make a commitment). I make no promise that any sponsored trip will be written about, however, I make an honest effort to do so.

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