East Coast Weekly Wine News: 2/5-2/11/2018

New Jersey Uncorked has a report on one of the state's most under-the-radar wineries, G&W Winery in Cape May. At the moment, visits to G&W are by appointment only.

Long Island Wine has never been better, according Lenn Thompson of The Cork Report, and he explains how climate change is one of the reasons why.

Wine shipping is in the news almost every week. This week lawmakers are deciding who gets to ship wine to New Hampshire, says the Concord Monitor. They want to stop retailers from other states from shipping to consumers in their state.

Also in wine shipping news: In Delaware, no one can ship direct to consumers, but ABC 47 reports lawmakers are considering House Bill 165 that would make it legal for wineries to ship to homes in Delaware. If you're a Delaware resident, you can contact your state representatives and ask that they pass the bill.

Viticulturist and wine educator Richard L. Thomas has been honored with the Atlantic Seaboard Wine Association’s 2018 Monteith Wine Bowl Trophy, according to Spirited Magazine.

Somehow I missed this one a few weeks ago so I'm including it in this week's news. Pennsylvania's Karamoor Estate won gold at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition with its 2015 Chardonnay. The Inquirer's Craig LaBan says the wine is "luscious on the first sip, dynamic as it evolves on the palate with exotic notes and a crisp, appetite-inducing finish."

The Richmond Times-Dispatch has the details on the Virginia Wine Expo that will run from Feb. 27 - March 4. The expo focuses on quality wines and is invite-only for the wineries. There will also be two guest regions at the event: Oregon, the national guest, and New Zealand/Australia, the international guest.

Michael Austin pays tribute to Finger Lakes riesling over at the Chicago Tribune. He's helping to spread the word that not all riesling is sweet and recommends several bottles from the region that help make his point.

The spotted lanternfly is wreaking havoc on Pennsylvania's Pennsylvania's hardwood and fruit industries, including grape growing. PennLive says the federal government is coming to the rescue by allocating $17.5 million to combat the pest that was found in Berks County in 2014 and has also spread to Delaware, New York and Virginia.

Image: Ken Hawkins/Flickr

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