East Coast wine news 2/12-2/25/2018

  • The Virginia Wineries Association has announced its 2018 Virginia Governer's Cup award winners. Wine Industry Advisor reports that 99 wines made with 100 percent Virginia fruit scored a 90 or higher, receiving gold medals, the highest number in any year of this competition.

  • Maryland is looking to distribute its wines in Canada, reports the Frederick Newspost.

  • Out of the ten most biodiverse wineries in the U.S., all but one are from California. The one that's not is Big Creek Vineyard in the Pocono Mountains. Wine Industry Advisor says the Biome Makers, the organization that created the list, said the list of wineries with unique microbiological diversity was created based on the richness, complexity and balance of the microorganism communities that inhabit the vineyard soil.

  • Forbes' Cathy Huyghe uses a Virginia wine as an example of How To Market Wine No One's Heard of. She recounts a tasting of several Virginia wines sampled at her Wednesday Night Wine series.

  • Visit three northcentral Pennsylvania wineries in one day with this itinerary from PennLive. As part of his Winery Tour 2018 series, Paul Vigna suggests visiting Fero Vineyards & Winery, Whispering Oaks Vineyard, and Shade Mountain Vineyards.

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