Wine, beer, spirits and tariffs

Aluminum is the most expensive component of a can of beer, and the uncertainty of tariffs are raising the cost significantly. (Image: Sean Davis/Flickr)

I wrote about how the recently imposed tariffs and the continuing uncertainty about further tariffs are affecting the drinks industry for Spirited magazine. This is, of course, a story whose details change week by week, sometimes day by day, so at this point, my piece is just the beginning of the story. Spirited will keep up with the changes as they happen, but here's what's what, up until about two weeks ago.

Earlier this year, President Trump imposed tariffs on a number of imported goods, ostensibly to protect American manufacturing jobs. Among the items and raw materials initially targeted were steel and aluminum. Predictably, the move drew criticism from U.S. trading partners, which led to quick negotiations and some leniency.

to read the remainder of the article, go to Tariffs Take Take a Toll: Trade Uncertainty is Causing a Problem for the United States Beer, Wine, and Spirits Industry on Spirited.

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