Lobster and crab rolls: What would you bring?

Welcome to the inaugural post of a fun, new semi-regular feature for Wine and Wonder, What would you bring? I live in an area that has a lot of BYO restaurants, and I'm interested to know what other wine lovers would bring when going to a BYO.

First up, Luke's Lobster in the Rittenhouse section of Philadelphia. My son asked to go to this small, sort-of fast food chain restaurant over the weekend for lunch. He'd been there before but I had not.

The restaurant's website says it brings "traceable, sustainable seafood to guests across the country" working "directly with fishermen to hand pick the best seafood, bring it straight to our own seafood company and then ship directly to our shacks."

The menu is small and the big draw at Luke's are the rolls - lobster, crab or shrimp. They're all served in a toasted split top bun with mayo, lemon butter and seasoning. The meat is definitely the star of the rolls, though, and the accompaniments are kept light.

We shared a lobster roll and a crab roll and each bought a soda. Luke's Lobster is BYO, though, and as I sat there enjoying the rolls, I wondered: What would I bring to drink? And that's when I thought up this feature. Would you bring? What would you want to drink with lobster, crab or shrimp prepared simply on a roll? Or to eat with their salad offering that can be topped with the seafood?

I think I'd bring an albariño from Rias Biaxas in Spain. It's a seafood-loving white wine. Its crispness, acidity and minerality would work nicely with the shellfish meat as well as with the mayo and the lemon.

What would you bring to pair with lobster, crab or shrimp rolls? You don't have to stick with wine. Beer and spirits ideas are welcome, too?

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