Travel pro tip: Turn your carryon into a makeshift desk

The more I travel, the more tricks I come up with to make packing easier, working from the airport or the road manageable, and surviving air travel with the least amount of anxiety. Since my site is about wine and wine tourism, I thought it's time I start sharing some of my travel tips.

If you follow my Instagram account, you may have seen this photo last week. I had two hours before a flight from Philly to Phoenix. The terminal I was in had no work spaces.

So I MacGyvered my way to a very comfortable way to work on my laptop.

I took my micro bead-stuffed neck pillow - one of those u-shaped travel pillows that snap together at the ends - and I snapped it onto my rolling carryon's top handle (not the telescoping handle but the one that's attached to the top of the suitcase. It formed the perfect platform for my small MacBook at the perfect height to work while I sat in one of those standard blue airport waiting area chairs.

I got quite a bit of work done at my makeshift desk before it was time to get on the plane, where by the way, I had a row all to myself. It was a great flight out.

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