Travel pro tip: How to find the name and location of "top secret" hotels on deal sites

When you're researching hotels online, do you ever visit a group coupon site that has a fantastic deal on a hotel in the city or region you want to visit, but the exact name and location of the "top-secret" hotel aren't revealed until after you've purchased the deal? There's an easy way to determine the hotel's name and location before you hit buy.

The deal usually includes some photos that don't give away the name of the hotel, but it will often have a photo of the hotel's lobby or a room. The hotel has provided the photos to the deal site but probably also has them on its own web site or or other sites. Copy one of the photos on Google Images and do a reverse photo search. Most of the time, you'll be able to find the photo on another website that names the hotel. Once you find out the name and location, you can determine if it's the right hotel for you.

Image: Alan Light/flickr

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