East Coast Wine News, March 25, 2019

NJ's Amalthea Europa I is one of the Bordeaux style blends the should be on wine lovers' radars.

  • David Mullen sings the praises of New Jersey Bordeaux style wine on his New Jersey Uncorked blog. I'm with Mullen - NJ blends are something to be experienced.

  • Over at Phillymag, Caroline Coral tells us about 3 Pennsylvania Wineries Producing Seriously Good Bottles.

  • John Mahoney has some serious wine knowledge, and he's written a book about what he knows. New Jersey Monthly's Josh Friedland looks at his latest book, "Wine: The Source of Civilization" in which he argues that wine is "the catalyst that led to the birth of Western civilization. And really, who are we to argue with that?

  • The East Coast produces some quality wines (which is why I do this weekly news roundup), and Courtney Schiessl tells us about some age-worthy Long Island wines on Forbes.

  • “Anyone who says Maryland does not have good wines has not been to a Maryland winery recently,” is the opening sentence of Kate Masters feature for the Frederick-News Post on wine from Maryland. Her article that smartly recognizes that almost all East Coast wine started out from Ground 0 in the n the 1970s and ‘80s, explores the state's wine growing beginnings, conditions and regions.

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