East Coast Wine News, November 4

Super quick post this morning. I'm at the airport, waiting for a flight that will ultimately take me to Paso Robles, where I'll be touring vineyards and tasting wines. I'll leave there and head to Kentucky, where again, I'll be touring a vineyard and tasting wines. I'm excited about both legs of this trip, but I'll admit I'm extra excited about Kentucky because I'll be discovering something totally new to me. Keep an eye on my Instagram and W&W Facebook page for photos and quick updates.

Here's a quick look at the news from the past week.

  • Climate change is a concern for us all, and it has a particular impact on vineyards. Corin Hirsch takes a look at how climate change impacts winemaking on Long Island in this Newsday piece where grapes are being picked earlier than ever before.

  • Maryland's upcoming Union Collective will bottle wine under the Wine Collective label as well as offer its equipment for use by five other local wineries. On Biz Journals, Amanda Yeager has details on how the urban winery will focus on honing wine-making techniques that will push the region forward.

  • Virginia is also getting a wine production facility. The Virginia Sparkling Company will invest $590,000 and create six new jobs to establish a new sparkling wine production facility in Nelson County. Julia Varnier reports on WKTR that the facility will process all local grapes to produce Champagne-style wines.

  • Also in Central Virginia, apple and grapes in fared well this season in the recent moderate drought. Katherine Knott reports on The Daily Progress that the dry and warm weather was particularly good for the grapes, and wine producers in the area are optimistic about the quality of 2019 wines.

  • 2019 was also a good year for grapes in New Jersey. Over at Record Online, there's a report that according to the New Jersey Department of Agriculture and several grape growers and wineries around the state, New Jersey hit the ultimate sweet spot in 2019.

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