East Coast Wine News, November 18

Not a lot happening news-wise this week. I imagine that as we get closer to the holidays, that will be the norm as we get more "pair this wine with your holiday dinner" pieces and less current news. But, here's what I found...

  • It's Virginia Cider Week, and Drink What YOU Like has details about the beverage that's being celebrated across the Commonwealth with special tastings and other cider events this week.

  • New Jersey has a new winery, and David Mullen has an early look at it on New Jersey Uncorked. Federal Twist Vineyard opened last month in Stockton, NJ. Its first harvest included chambourcin and vidal blanc. Plans to add traminette and blaufrankisch are in the works.

  • Speaking of blaufrankisch, the grape is gaining traction in New Jersey. On New Jersey Monthly, Tara Nurin talks to Beneduce's Mike Beneduce and others about the Austrian variety that's ideal for NJ's cooler climate regions.

  • You're going to need a subscription to the Wall Street Journal for this one, but the paper's wine columnist Lettie Teague has a Thanksgiving guide to wines from up-and-coming American regions. Wines from Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey,* Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina made the list.

* If my NJ friends must know which of our wines made the list, it's Mount Salem Vineyards 2017 St. Laurent. You'll need to go to the winery in Hunterdon County to get the wine, but believe me, it's definitely worth it.

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