East Coast Wine News, August 3

Spotted lanternfly nymphs grow into adult insects and can decimate vines. Vineyards in PA and NJ are trying to fight their invasion.

A round up of the news from July 28 - August 3, 2020 on the East Coast wine industry because the news is out there, and it needs to be highlighted.

  • Sparkling wines from hybrids from North East producers are given some love on Punch. Zacchary Sussman discusses the traditional method bubblies, pet-nats and piquettes Vermont, The Finger Lakes, and the Hudson Valley that are now hip, to many people's surprise.

  • Carlo DeVito of the East Coast Wineries blog has set out to travel the U.S., discovering wines from small wineries and chronicling his travels in the Great American Winery Stroopwaffle. His stops so far have all been on the East Coast, including his first at Marcari Vineyards on the North Fork of Long Island.

  • New Jersey cider is in the news. Ironbound's latest release, according to Jersey's Best, is Cape May Rosé, a blend of local apples, beach plums and aronia berries.

  • Vineyards in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are bracing for an invasion of spotted lanternflies. Bob Williams reveals in The Inquirer how grape growers are fighting the invasive species before they devastate vines in the fall.

  • Sarah Buder for Afar magazine recommends the North Fork of Long Island for a coastal escape and recommends several wineries to visit.

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