East Coast Wine News, April 19

Chambourcin grapes at Bellview Winery in Landisville, NJ.

A round up of the news from April 6 - April 19, 2021 on the East Coast wine industry because the news is out there, and it needs to be highlighted.

Something exciting has happened since my last East Coast Wine News post two weeks ago. A business I've been working on with Kathleen Willcox is now a reality. Last week, we launched Thinking Outside the Bottle. TOTB is a content writing service that drives sales for the drinks industry. We write website content, data-driven targeted emails, social media posts and more for wineries and other drinks industry businesses. At the end of this week's news, I'll post a link to all TOTB's social media accounts so you can follow us.

Now on to two week's worth of wine news from the Mid-Atlantic and beyond region.

  • New York's Fox Run Vineyards is upping its sustainability credibility with the use of Expelco GLSand Bottle Crusher, reports New York Wine & Grape Foundation. The crusher can turn 50+ cases of wine bottles into a sand-like texture that fills just a few 1-gallon buckets, a 90% reduction in volume. The crushed glass can be used on roadways, parking lots, in gardens, or even spread throughout the vineyard.

  • New York's Finger Lakes winemaker Chris Missick has launched the Viti+Culture podcast, according to Wine Industry Network. The podcast will be "a lot about wine, but that won't be the whole conversation." Viti+Culture will share conversations with makers, growers, thinkers, and doers, and emphasize the value of appreciating the aesthetics involved in living a good life.

  • I wrote a short piece for Edible Jersey about two new winemakers in the state who are engaged. Nichole Bambacigno is the new winemaker at Sharrott Winery and Kevin Bednar is the new winemaker at William Heritage Winery, and together they bring their collective global winemaking experience to New Jersey.

  • For Modern Farmer, Shelby Vittek discusses the next frontier in regenerative agriculture - booze. Among those she interviews is New Jersey's Charles Rosen founded who founded Ironbound Farm in 2015. The farm's apples are turned into Inronbound Cider (one of my favorite East Coast ciders).

  • North Carolina-based brewery Wicked Weed has expanded into the natural wine category. Evan Malachosky reports for Cool Hunting that the wine operation called Vidl (which uses Washington State grapes) has crafted three unique wines available by the bottle or on tap at one of their handful of drinking establishments.

  • Bellefonte, Pennsylvania is getting a new cidery, Mad McIntosh, that will have tasting rooms, event space, outdoor seating, on-site production and Pennsylvania-sourced food and drinks. For Statecollege.com, Karen Walker reports the cidery is expected to be open in June.

  • PennLive's Paul Vigna has been super prolific with the East Coast topics over the past couple of weeks. Here are some quick links to several of his pieces, but there are more so make sure you're following him. - A winery, brewery and cafe all at one of the Finger Lakes’ oldest and best-known producers takes a look at Wagner Vineyards Estate Winery in New York. - It’s 10 years in business for this central Pa. winery: Here’s what it has planned looks at what Armstrong Valley Winery in Halifax, Pennsylvania is up to. - So what is San Marco? The answer to that and more on one of N.J.’s most accommodating wineries is part of Vigna's 6 Questions series. Landisville, New Jersey's Bellview Winery is this edition's subject. - Chester County winery owners have big plans for their Chambourcin, sparkling program takes a look at Pennsylvania's 1723 Vineyards as another subject of the 6 Questions series.

And finally, here are the social media links to Thinking Outside the Bottle's accounts:

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