East Coast Wine News, April 26

The Galen Glen sign overlooking the winery's vineyards in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley.

A round up of the news from April 19 - April 26, 2021 on the East Coast wine industry because the news is out there, and it needs to be highlighted.

  • Frosts and snow have hit vineyards after bud break on the East Coast and in the Midwest, something that's becoming an issue more often. For Wine Business Linda Jones McKee spoke with several wineries, including Pennsylvania's Galen Glen where they're pruning few buds than usual in case of damage from cold.She also spoke to New York's Lakewood Vineyards where temperatures got done to 28°F after bud break, but damage was minimal.

  • For Napa Valley Register, Elizabeth Smith takes a look at Master of Wine Nova Cadamatre's career (so far) in winemaking. Cadamatre owns Trestle Thirty One in the Finger Lakes and has recently started the first New York for Naked Wines.

  • For the subscription-supported The Peasant Wife, I interviewed New Jersey winemaker Conor Quilty about his new job as general manager and winemaker at the sparkling-wine focused Soleiada Winery in Oldwick.

  • Winners in the 2021 North Carolina Fine Wines Competition will be announced Wednesday, April 28 at 7:00 PM. The goal of the competition is to educate the public on those vineyards that are making the best wines made from 100% North Carolina vinifera and hybrid grapes. To watch the announcments live via Zoom, visit NC Fine Wines Facebook event page.

  • For the New York Wine and Grape Foundation, Whitney Beaman explains why Millennial demand for sustainably produced products has redefined what it means to be a premium wine brand in New York. She argues that the wine industry must measure up to the generational values of Millennials who are "more health conscious, socially aware, and ethnically diverse than previous generations."

  • Eric Asimov shows New York wine some respect in his New York Times column. After singing the praises of the state as a whole, he recommends 10 wines to drink from the state.

  • Paul Vigna is going full steam ahead with his 6 questions series at various Mid-Atlantic wineries for Penn Live. This past week he's featured Virginia's Fabbioli Cellars; Maryland's Chateau Bu-De Winery & Vineyard; Maryland's Linganore Winecellars; Pennsylvania's Black Dog Wine Company; and Pennsylvania's Grovedale Winery.

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