East Coast Wine News, December 7

A round up of the news from December 1 - December 7, 2020 on the East Coast wine industry because the news is out there, and it needs to be highlighted.

  • The majority of Maryland wine is bought by wine lovers in the Mid-Atlantic, but that's starting to change, according to Julia Coney on VinePair. As the state's wineries gain more acclaim, their wines are gaining popularity outside the region. In addition to highlighting what's happening in the state, Coney also recommends five Maryland wines that can be purchased online.

  • The off-season - after pumpkin pickers have driven away and before summer unofficially begins Memorial Day weekend - is the best time to visit the North Fork of New York's Long Island, according to Lenn Thompson. For North Forker, he says that "the crowds are smaller and less rowdy, and the year-round staff tends to be more knowledgeable than the summer teams."

  • Virginia wineries are "breaking the mold on sparkling winemaking," so says Matt Fitzsimmons for Old Town Crier. Wineries are making bubbles in the traditional way but with not-so-traditional grapes like Cayuga and also using other less traditional methods to add fizz to their wines.

  • Also in Virginia news, Decanter's Jason Tesauro takes a tour and highlights wineries in the state's wineries that right outside Washington, D.C. (paywall)

  • Life Between the Vines invited Shannon Brock, Co-Owner and Manager of Silver Thread Vineyard in New York's Finger Lakes to be a guest on its podcast.

  • A while back I mentioned Carlo DeVito's Stroopwaffle YouTube program where he's traveling the U.S. visiting wineries, including many on the East Coast. His latest episode covers Pet Nats from many wineries including New Jersey's Beneduce Vineyards line of Pet Nat's (The Gewurz is pictured above) that he says are "absolutely temendous." (lots of other NJ winery bottles are mentioned in the episode, too)

  • New York's Finger Lakes and Long Island regions are making progress with the state's sustainability goals, "including sequestering carbon in the soil and utilizing solar, wind and geothermal to generate electricity and thermal energy for heating or cooling," according to Linda Jones McKee for Wine Business.

North American news that's not East Coast, but not West Coast either

Not because West Coast wine news isn't important, but it already gets plenty of attention.

  • Michelle Hunter introduces readers to the woman behind New Orleans' only black-owned winery on Nola.com. Kim Lewis owns Ole New Orleans Wines, and makes some of her wines from Louisiana-grown blanc du bois grapes.

  • Texas wines are heading toward their innovative future, according to Claudia Alarcón on Forbes.

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