East Coast Wine News, February 1

Old York Cellar's 2018 Vidal Blanc

A round up of the news from January 19 - January 25, 2021 on the East Coast wine industry because the news is out there, and it needs to be highlighted.

  • For NJBiz, Gabrielle Saulsbery winemaker David Wolin of Old York Cellars in Ringoes, New Jersey about the many ways he's had to switch up things at the winery during the pandemic, including a focus on marketing to businesses instead of individuals and installing open air cabanas to keep customers to the winery out of the elements while still being in the safety of the outdoors.

  • Upper Saucon, Pennsylvania will be getting a new winery. A former Jewish Community Center campsite will become a new winery, wine-tasting, retail, and small events destination site, according to Louis Gombocz for WFMZ. New owners Roger Rockhill and Julie Juckes will initially produce wine from grapes from the limited vineyards already growing on the site and plant additional vines.

  • Loudon County, Virginia's Sunset Hill Vineyard and it's eco-friendliness is the focus of a piece by Kurt Jacobson on Mother Earth News. The solar-powered winery eliminates pesticides where possible, attracts beneficial insects, courts birds and butterflies with birdhouses and pollinator gardens.

  • ABC News' Dan Abrams purchased New York's Long Island vineyard Laurel Lake and plans to plans to turn it into a winery and brand “where Napa meets the Hamptons," according to Kirsten Chuba for Hollywood Reporter. Vanessa Price, a sommelier, wine columnist at New York Magazine and author of Big Macs & Burgundy, will oversee the winery.

  • Carlo deVito's latest episode of the Great American Stroopwaffle YouTube show gets super detailed about the wines of Beneduce Vineyards in Pittstown, New Jersey.

North American news that's not East Coast, but not West Coast either

Not because West Coast wine news isn't important, but it already gets plenty of attention.

  • Southern Arizona's wine industry has seen a dramatic uptick during COVID. Wine sales have far exceeded expectations and, in some cases, set records, according to Cathelena E. Burch for Tuscon.com.

  • University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture has developed two new wine grapes suited for the state's growing conditions. Alyson Courtney reports for KATV that the white wine grape Indulgence produces wines that have a muscat flavor. A pink-skinned grape called Dazzle produces Gerwürztraminer-type wine.

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