East Coast Wine News, September 28

A sign pointing visitors to Sand Castle Winery in Pennsylvania, one of the East Coast wineries making vermouth out of their wines.

A round up of the news from September 22-28, 2020 on the East Coast wine industry because the news is out there, and it needs to be highlighted.

Apologies for no news last week. I wrote it. Before I pushed publish, it disappeared. I gave up. But, I’m back at it this week.

  • Wine Enthusiast gives New Hampshire some love. Rebecca Toy takes a look at the state’s modern viticulture, the fact that it’s still working on getting its first AVA, and highlights three wineries: Flag Hill Distillery & Winery, Hermit Woods Winery & Deli and Labelle Winery.

  • There’s a growing vermouth market on the East Coast. For Wine Industry Network, David Furer says New York’s Channing Daughters started this trend in 2013 and several other wineries up and down the coast have joined them in making vermouth with their wines and locally sourced herbs, fruits, nuts, and other botanicals.

  • For The Manual, Mark Stork focuses on the best Latinx wineries in America, and one of them is found on the East Coast - Casa Carmen in Maryland.

  • Paul Vigna reveals how Maryland’s oldest vineyard, Boordy, has weathered the pandemic and that its owner Rob Deford is optimistic for the future of local wineries on PennLive.

North American news that's not East Coast, but not West Coast either

Not because West Coast wine news isn't important, but it already gets plenty of attention.

  • Texas-based sine, spirits beer and travel writer Jessica Dupuy recently released The Wines of Southwest U.S.A., a guide to Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado. In conjunction with the book, she’ll also be hosting Instagram Live chats with winemakers and industry leaders to hear their perspective on wines from the Southwest.

  • For Wine Enthusiast, Lia Picard takes a look at wines from the American South. Wineries in Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia, small, independent producers craft wines that hold up against counterparts in more established markets.

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